Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Mulatto Messiah

A king descends upon us
From Windy City Shores.
Semi-chocolate sweet delight
He sprinkles as he soars.
Angels' wings are winnowing
As birds burst forth in song.
A muted roar of fealty
Restrains the smitten throng.
He touches on a hill-top.
Beatific is his smile.
He watches o'er the masses
And tarries for a while.
And as an upstart tasks him
On his birth location,
He gasps that one would test this
Righteous usurpation.
"Drive him from my sight!" he cries,
"And bruise him with a rod!
How dare he fling his spittle
At One less Man than God?"
He turns to his disciples:
"My children, all is well;
But if I rear you Heaven,
I first must raise some Hell."

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