Sunday, November 23, 2008

Stupid Is as Stupid Does

This must constitute further proof of the stark differences between Republicans and Democrats:

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice made comments contrary to the opinions of many fellow Republicans, including praises for the election of Democratic President-elect Barack Obama.

"Change is a good thing," Rice said on the campus of Rice University. "I think the time comes when it is time for new people and new ideas."

Ms. Rice has an amazing talent for encapsulating libraries of idiocy in a single paragraph. The idea that change inherently is good is one with which pre-Holocaust European Jews would disagree, no doubt. As would the defenders of Constantinople just prior to Mehmet the Conqueror's assault on their city walls. Change is an unavoidable requisite of our temporal existence; but whether or not it is good depends upon the change unfolding itself.

All "change" gobbledegook aside, does her remark strike you as bizarre, coming from one whose party dropped the ball and lost the 2008 presidential election? Hm, change is just peachy, even if it means having your own keister kicked to the curb.

"[For] a girl like me who grew up in segregated Birmingham, Alabama, to now elect an African-American president is an extraordinary matter," Rice declared, "and it says to the world that differences can be overcome and in a world in which different is still a license to kill; that is an awfully important message."

Even more extraordinary is the inability of neo-cons and leftists to differentiate between "black" and "bi-racial." By the way, is a black person born in England also called an "African-American?" It seems to me that Ms. Rice's utmost concern is towing the PC line.

In a valiant effort at removing all doubt as to whether or not she's a blithering idiot, Ms. Rice waxed authoritative on the subject of immigration:

Rice also diverged from typical Republican rhetoric by calling for comprehensive immigration reform and criticizing Americans for holding anti-immigrant attitudes.

"Unless we can renew that spirit of wanting to be open to those who want to be part of us, we lose a part of who we are," Rice said, reports Voice of America News.

"America cannot continue to be a place where people live in the shadows, contributing to our economy but afraid to go to the emergency room," Rice said.

This deceitful, clueless rhetoric typifies the reason why the GOP lost the 2008 election. The average American doesn't hold "anti-immigrant attitudes." Rather, he's anti-invasion; he's anti- flouting of our established laws; he's anti- non-assimilation; he's anti- the destruction of his culture, as foreign flags wave in his streets; and he's anti- "immigrants" making demands of the American citizenry while trashing that selfsame populace in every conceivable medium.

These people don't live in the shadows, nor do they fear a trip to the emergency room. Perhaps Ms. Rice should condescend to look into the frightening number of hospitals that have closed as a direct result of being inundated by aliens who use their services as primary-care physician equivalents. This isn't an underground movement; it's an open attempt at a takeover.

A former provost at Stanford University, Rice also made education a significant topic of her speech, saying that an uneducated citizenry creates an America unable to lead in international affairs.

Case-in-point: Condoleeza Rice--a dishonest lightweight in affairs both international and domestic.

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