Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Killing Is My Business, and Business Is Good!

An abortionist who claims to have destroyed more than 20,000 unborn children and who once was Hillary Clinton's OB-GYN says he is doing "God's work" when he terminates a pregnancy.

"Embryos and fetuses spontaneously aborted – most, but not all of those 'canceled' by 'God' – are ... luckless human souls," wrote William Harrison, referring to an ancient poem describing the plight of mankind. "But a few spontaneous abortions occur in desired pregnancies with no discernable abnormalities. For those girls and women and their families whose circumstances would make their babies 'luckless human souls,' I 'cancel' them before they become babies."

Kinda like stopping payment on a check, right? I bet his favored tool is a big rubber stamp.

Here we have a devil in jackass clothing. "Spontaneous abortions" are a product of living in a world in which biology labors under the curse brought about by fallen Man. They're natural events, as even nature groans and trevails in pain like that of a woman in childbirth. What relation does this have to the intentional, premeditated taking of innocent human life? I see no comparison.

"Life is being terminated when a male wears a condom, or has a wet dream or 'spills his seed of life on the ground' or in someone's mouth or anus. Or when he ejaculates into the vagina of a woman who isn't ovulating or is post menopausal. The sperm are alive until they die. And the egg is alive until it dies. Each is a unique human life, etc.

This is abject stupidity. Now he's equating "Life" with "Human Life," as if there's no discernible difference. A sperm is not a "unique human life." Neither is an egg. A human life does not exist, until an egg is fertilized by a sperm. On its own volition, will a sperm become a fully-developed human? How about an egg? You'd think that Dr. Demented would know a little more about human reproduction than the typical fembot who believes that the only good baby is one who's no longer kicking.

"Anyone who has delivered as many babies as I have, and has seen hundreds of living and dead embryos and fetuses being spontaneously aborted as have I, knows exactly what we are doing when we provide an elective abortion for our patient. We are ending the life of an embryo or a fetus. Not the life of a person, but certainly a creature that might have become a person under other circumstances.

Comparing abortions to miscarriages is like comparing blowing my neighbor's head off to death by natural causes. And what does this idiot mean by "a creature that might have become a person under other circumstances."? Pray tell, what else might it have become besides a human? Hm? When someone says, "It wasn't a human, but a potential human," I simply ask, "What other potential did it have, dummy?" I think we reasonably can conclude that it wouldn't have grown into a mature platypus. This is akin to declaring, "My child might've grown into an adult, had I not enacted my right of "cribside cancellation."

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