Monday, April 14, 2008

There's No Reason Like Unreason

Atheists portray themselves as paragons of logic, while theists—particularly Christians—are characterized as silly, superstitious dunderheads. This is nothing more than illogical sleight-of-hand; let me demonstrate why.

We have two basic options when it comes to explaining the origins of life and the universe: (1.) they are the work of a Supreme Being, or (2.) they came into existence on their own. Claims about aliens from Shazbot seeding the Earth don’t answer the question; they merely move it off-world. You still need an origin for the little green men.

The notion that “Once upon a time, nothing existed, and then ‘Poof!’ there it was” violates the laws of logic. Ever heard of the Law of Non-contradiction? It states that a thing and its contradiction cannot both be true at the same time, in the same relationship (A cannot be non-A at the same time, in the same relationship).We see evidence bearing this out on a daily basis. A man can be a father and a son, but not in the same relationship. If I say “The man is fat, but he is also skinny,” I’ve violated the Law of Non-contradiction, because the man may be fat or skinny, but he cannot be both at the same time, in the same relationship.

Materialistic evolutionists, believers in naturalism—whatever you want to call them, they share a common belief: that if you go back far enough in time, you will find that life arose from non-life, order coalesced out of chaos, information came from non-information, and something came from nothing. All of this happened without benefit of a Creator.

This is an obfuscatory way of saying that the universe and everything in it is, ultimately, self-created. But the very notion of self-creation violates the Law of Non-contradiction. For something to be self-created it must have existed before it existed. Reread the italicized part, again. How can something exist before it exists? To create itself, it had to be here already; to be created it couldn’t have existed at the time of its creation. So self-creation requires a thing’s existence and non-existence at the same time, in the same relationship. This is a nonsense statement accepted entirely on blind faith. It contradicts—there’s that pesky word, again—observable evidence and common sense. A belief in self-creation renders logic itself null and void. If logic is meaningless, how do we determine if something is factual, or not? How do we acquire knowledge? If you throw out the Law of Non-contradiction, you also toss Reason to the curb. If you eject Reason, you also expel the scientific method, for the latter relies upon and assumes the former.

So it’s amusing that the people who dismiss me and my fellow Christians as nutty, anti-scientific zealots have embraced an idea that takes a wrecking ball to the foundation of Science and Reason—the very bedrock upon which they claim to stand.

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