Thursday, April 10, 2008

Creeping Death

Regarding Israel, why don't we forget all the talk of peace, the gatherings of witless politicians around tables, and the shuffling of important-looking but meaningless paperwork? Let's forget the Clintonian Legacies and the Piece In Our Time gibberish. Let's set aside the hanging on every word of Arab statesmen, even as we listen to the bombs ticking under their kaffiyehs. Why all the pussyfooting around? I have a simple solution to the trademarked Israel Problem: let's round up all the oppressive zionist entities--known as Jews in the vulgar--and confine them to a "ghetto," as it were, in Jerusalem. Heck, let's build it just beneath the Wailing Wall; how fitting is that? Call it a Final Solution.

Meanwhile, give back the land to the "Palestinians;" you know, the ones who peopled it in their countless millions, before the Zionist bacteria infected the "body terrorist," and relegated it to savagery. Remember what a paradise Israel--I mean, "Palestine"--was before the dreaded Jewish Blight? Remember the industry, the civilized refinery, the land flowing with milk and honey?

And the dirty Jews? Well, they're the reason Allah invented concentration camps, after all.

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