Friday, March 21, 2008

Work 'Em If Ya Got 'Em

From Congressman John J. Duncan's Legislative Update:

Best Workers

Contrary to what some think, the U.S. is not losing jobs because American workers are spoiled or lazy. In fact, according to the latest rankings by the International Labor Office of the U.N., American workers are the most productive in the world, by far, mainly due to working longer hours. U.S. workers produce about $64,000 a year in value-added labor--$8,000 a year more than Ireland, the next closest economy. Most countries are not even close to the U.S. in this ranking, with the less-developed nations producing at least three times less per worker. Sub-Saharan Africa is the lowest, producing about one-twelfth per worker as in the developed or industrialized countries.

This belies the notion that Mexicans and others are such stellar workers--far exceeding the efforts of Americans--that our economy simply can't function without them. If they're such workaholics, why aren't Mexico and other countries running rings around the U.S., economically speaking? I note that Duncan gleaned his information from the U.N.--not a body well-known for its pro-American stances on a host of issues.

I patronize businesses almost every day, where dark-skinned, jet-haired people work, speaking broken or no English. A few short years ago, American citizens--many of them teenagers--performed these duties. So I ask myself: in a nation with a growing population, where did all those people go? Should we believe that these folks refuse to do such jobs--as we're told by our illustrious president--or should we believe that businesses who idolize the dollar above all else consciously seek out or favor applicants with questionable legal status, or even legal immigrants, in hopes of cutting corners on payday? Which seems more probable?

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