Saturday, January 5, 2008

"We're Fine Where We Are, Thanks."

From WorldNetDaily:

If given the option of living in a future Palestinian state, most Israeli Arabs would prefer to remain citizens of Israel, according to a new survey released this week.

You mean they actually prefer Jewish rule to that of Islamic overlords? How could that be? I was under the impression that Jews use Arab blood in their matzos, disembowel puppies for fun, and are in the planning stages of a secret project to knock Earth out of its orbit and send it spinning into the sun.

"The future Palestinian state would serve as a national solution for the Palestinians of the West Bank, those living in the refugee camps and those who are citizens with equal rights in the Jewish state," stated (Israeli Foreign Minister) Livni at a November press conference with France's foreign minister.

Talking about your pies in the sky. There is no "national solution" to the "Palestinian" problem; not when these people are engaged in a final "Final Solution," if you get my drift. A "Palestinian" state will serve as a staging ground for attacks on Israel, only from the back door, rather than across the street.

But a new poll conducted by Keevoon, an Israeli research and strategic communications company, found the majority of Israeli Arabs – 62 percent – don't want to live under Palestinian rule.

Only 14 percent of respondents said they would prefer to live in a Palestinian state and not Israel if given the choice, while 24 percent did not express an opinion or refused to answer.

Notice that this isn't a poll of Arab Christians, but of Arabs in general--be they Christian or Muslim. I wonder how many of the 24% non-respondents were worried about being "Islamocized" in a back alley, somewhere, no doubt accounting for their reticence.

Mitchell Barak, managing director of Keevoon, told WND, "The survey challenges the widely held claim that Israeli Arabs have national aspirations for statehood. Most expressed a desire to remain Israeli when given a choice."

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