Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Top 16

I was reading a list of Amazon's top-ten best-selling books mentioned at Vox's, and it gave me an idea for some fictional titles which would amuse me. And yes, I have too way much time on my hands.

1. Fat and Happy: Getting in Touch with Your Rotund Inner Child

2. Eat, Drink, and Be Merry: An Atheist's Guide to Sightseeing on the Road to Oblivion

3. Hoo-ahh!: The Witticisms of Al Pacino

4. I Hate God: An Objective Approach to Theism, by Richard Dawkins

5. The Devil's Concubine: An Inside Look at Hillary Clinton, by Bill Clinton

6. Everyone's An American, by Jorge W. Bushandez

7. Wine, Women,and Song: A Portrait of Ted "Hic" Kennedy

8. Enslaved to Love: A Revisionist Looks At Thomas Jefferson's Affairs of the Heart

9. Gimme Some Sugar, Baby: An Unauthorized Biography of Bruce Campbell

10. Stupid Is As Stupid Does: The Quotations of Al "Forest" Gore

11. Fat Pinko: An Autobiography, by Michael Moore

12. La Voz de Aztlan: Reclaiming the Azteca Continent for La Raza, by Vicente Fox, Juan Valdez, and Nat Chertoff; Forward by Jorge W. Bushandez

13. It Takes a Serpent, by Hillary Clinton

14. Like, As If: An Intellectual Deconstructs Paris Hilton

15. Live Long and Prosper: Doctor Spock's Guide to Infant Health

16. Watch Your Language, Honkey, by Al Sharpton

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