Monday, January 28, 2008

Mi Casa es su Casa!

State of the North American Union, 2008 (Estado de los Asuntos, 2008)

"Mi companero norteamericanos:

"I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Arizona the sons of former undocumented workers will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood. After we make the blancos muerto. It is all bueno.

"I have a dream that one day even the state of Nuevo Mejico, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, sweltering with the heat of global warming, and 110 degrees in the shade, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice for those who believe that all borders should be erased like chalk from a blackboard; or conquistadores from Tenochtitlan.

"I have a dream that my house maid and gardener will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by their legal status, but by how them dishes sparkle and how that mary-jay-uany grows straight and tall out back.

"I have a dream today.

"I have a dream that one day, in America, with its vicious racists, with its people having their lips dripping with words like "wetback" and "illegal"; one day right there in America, little brown boys and brown girls will be able to join hands as sisters and brothers, singing Kumbaya in perfect Spanish, as the little gringos and gringas trod the steps of our pyramids and meet their fates at the hands of obsidian knives and leering priests in feathered headdresses.

"I have a dream today.

"I have a dream that one day every guest worker shall be exalted, every Anglo and other blanco diablos shall be made low, the welfare checks will be written plain, and the crooked whites will be made straight, and the glory of La Raza shall be revealed, and all bronze flesh shall see it together.

"This will be the day when all of Dios' children will be able to sing with a new meaning the Nuestro Himno.

"And if Aztlan--I mean 'America'-- is to be a great nation this must become true. So let freedom ring from the prodigious slums of Los Angeles. Let freedom ring from the mighty barrios of Chicago. Let freedom ring from the heights of Spanish Harlem!

"And when this happens, when we allow freedom to ring, when we let it ring from every hacienda and every shanty, from every maquiladora and every taco stand, we will be able to speed up that day when all of Dios' ninos and ninas, bronze men and bronze women, Aztecs and Mayans, Olmecs and those who await Quetzalcoatl's return from o'er the oceano--all of Montezuma's happy people will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Mexica spiritual, "La Reconquista es consumado!"

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