Monday, July 9, 2007

Palestine Pacifism

I sometimes wonder what tv and school is like in the "Palestinian" territories, within the Zionist entity's borders. Maybe a possible tv commerical goes like this:

I'm a martyr
She's a martyr.
He's a martyr.
We's a martyr.
Wouldn't ya like to be a martyr, too?

Or a school cheer:

We gonna drive ya right on out!
We gonna drive ya right on out!
We gonna punch ya, smack ya, gut ya, cut ya!
Drive ya to (clap clap) the sea!

Or a mother's lullabye:

Hush, little jihadi, don't say a word.
Allah's gonna buy you a new goat herd.
And if that new goat herd gets et,
Allah's gonna buy you a minaret.
And if you make polite request,
Allah's gonna buy you a new bomb-vest.
And if that bomb-vest serves you well,
There might be one less infidel.
And while his soul's consumed in Hell,
Allah's gonna give you a demoiselle;
Seventy in all, to be precise,
Long on looks and short on lice.
You'll have an everlasting bash,
And your good deed will bring us cash.
So off to sleep; don't you deplore.
If you get killed, I'll make ten more.

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