Monday, June 11, 2007

The Islamic Connection

This past weekend, a commenter at Vox's suggested that the commonplace terrorist acts and violence in Israel find little or no motivation in Islam. I asked him some pointed questions, which he responded to without answering. I'll elaborate on those questions, here, as food for thought.

If Islam plays no significant role in this chaos, then why is it that:

1. "Palestinian" Arab Christians--who are like their Muslim brethren of the region in every regard save their religious beliefs--are not targeting and murdering innocent civilians, utilizing suicide bombings as the method of carrying this out?

2. The terrorist organizations responsible, and those individuals and their family members who make up their foot soldiers, characterize everything they do in religious terms.

3. We find similarities between suicide bombings and the long tradition within the Islamic world of dying for one's religion while simultaneously committing acts of violence against infidels.

Until someone can answer these questions in a coherent fashion that doesn't require besmirching Jews for humanity's ills, I'll continue believing as I have for years: that Islam not only plays a part, but an integral one.

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