Thursday, June 14, 2007

Interpreting My Own Se'f

This is a small clarification of the last post. If anyone took my words as a personal attack or as hatred toward a select group of believers, they were not intended as such. I'm passionate on the topic of biblical truth and accuracy, and I take it very seriously. I don't consider a literal interpretation of Genesis a salvational necessity, but I do consider it an important subject. The further we move away from acceptance of scripture, the more we open ourselves to worldly or even satanic influence, in my opinion. That bothers me, which hopefully explains my tone a little more. Don't mistake this for backpedaling; I stand by everything I said.

We're all friends, here. Perhaps I should use the term compadres, given the increasing third world attributes of my home country. I may disagree, or shake my head in bewilderment at something you've said. I might even laugh at you, sometimes. But I'll not call you names or run you off or put a voodoo hex on you. I like the discussions that evolve from posts, and I even appreciate the comments that challenge my own. Butter sharpens iron, ya know.

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