Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Myth of Media Bias

Let's see, the linked article from ABC News (Association of Bolshevik Cretins) sports a photo of evangelicals worked up in a fervor, so they look kooky. Check. Then we have this: Many in the Evangelical movement are embracing more liberal issues like global warming and adoption, a shift away from core GOP values, observers say. OK, so adoption is a liberal issue, the antithesis of a GOP value. Gotcha. Nah, there's no bias here.

I attempted wading further into this four page gush-fest about how cool evangelicals are, so long as they reject moral convictions and the Republican Party. After the second page, my computer began flashing huge red letters on the screen, which said:

B.S. Overload! B.S. Overload!

So I frantically left the site and went back to my own blog as I watched smoke curl up from the pc's monitor.

This is why I neither watch ABC "News," nor view its online content very often. It's like wading barefoot through a sewer.

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