Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Seer of the Blogosphere

Yesterday, I looked into my crystal ball and made this prediction at Vox's:

I'm sure O'Reilly will regale us all about the sordid details of Britney's new depilated trollop look, tomorrow evening. I wait w/ bated breath. Wes Homepage 02.19.07 - 1:16 am #

This evening, O'Reilly devoted segments to this crucial topic on his tv and radio shows. It seems that Britney shaving her head means she's "unhinged." I won't jump to conclusions; perhaps it was all part of a good delousing. Seeing that her fame is 98% good looks and 2% talent (1% for writhing ability, and 1% for having functional vocal cords), going Kojak appears an odd carreer choice. I don't remember Playboy or Victoria's Secret catalogues producing chrome-dome editions; but what do I know?--I only pay attention to the articles.

Anyway, being a prognosticator of demonstrated ability, I'll gladly read the entrails and answer such heady questions as "What does Fido want for breakfast, next Tuesday?" or "When will Con-ya-leewza Rice don a burkha?" for a modest fee. Financing available.

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