Saturday, December 2, 2006

Family Values Advocates

Our president and various others insist that aliens of the legal and illegal varieties are wonderful, hard-working, neighborly people--the kind you might find lining the streets, smiling and waving, in Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. And I'm sure that's true, when they're not:

Aiding the Taliban

Toilet flotsam from terrorist-sponsoring hellholes

In addition, I'm sure that they're pretty swell, when not engaged in selling drugs on our soil. My local newspaper ran a story in the last couple of days about three men of Mexican extraction who were caught with large quantities of marijuana; and we're not talking about their private smoking stash, either. So far, their legal status has yet to be determined, but I'll wager a chihuahua chalupa that they're wet behind the ears.

I walked into a pizza joint tonight for supper, and found to my delight that fully half its employees were Mexicans, freely clucking Spanish to each other, and el Diablo take the blanco devils' befuddlement. Just more of those jobs Americans won't do--you know, like construction, agriculture, all facets of the restaurant industry, janitorial work, stocking shelves at department stores (Wetback-Mart, I'm lookin' at you), landscaping, the presidency, etc. etc. ad infinitum, ad nauseum. When I first arrived, half the patrons were Mexican, as well.

Apparently, Americans don't work at all any more. They just sit home on their cellulite-ridden backsides, glued to the La-Z-Boy getting carpal tunnel syndrome from clicking the tv remote. I wonder how all the poor and downtrodden make ends meet? How do high school kids make a few bucks to buy Trojan's newest experimental flavor? How do those with only twelfth-grade educations get by? Everywhere I look, I see Mexicans doing jobs that Americans did enthusiastically less than five years ago. In some cases, two years ago. So what happened? Which is more plausible--that vast numbers of American citizens pay their bills and feed their kids while happily unemployed, or that the government, alien lobbyists, and greedy, unpatriotic businesses lie through their teeth when exclaiming that Americans just won't do these jobs? I say it's the latter.

I'm sick of watching my country being torn down around my ears by people who smile and pat us on our heads, and tell us how it's all for our betterment, and tsk-tsk at our lack of discernment and--in the warm glow of tolerance and diversity--reveal that Hell is, indeed, a better place than Heaven, if everyone there is polychromatic.

"Diversity" is just a fancy term for cultural suicide. I may offend some, but at this point, I don't care any more: If you believe that allowing millions of legal or illegal immigrants into your country who do not share your cultural worldview, your language, and refuse assimilation is a good thing, you're an idiot. This is one of those rare instances where it really is that simple.

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