Thursday, November 9, 2006

Elective Morality

It seems the Demonrats believe their victory over the GOP on Election Day signifies America's embrace of liberal principles. Hah, liberal principles; the concept epitomizes the word "oxymoron." Remember Nancy Pelosi's smirk after the polls closed? Now we'll see even greater efforts toward implementing left-wing legislation. After all, the Left seizes this opportunity as often as possible, utilizing honest and underhanded means, and everything in between. I do find comfort, however, in the reality that the Demonrats are even more clueless than Republicans about what the American people want or believe. This usually aids in their unraveling.

This election was not a victory of liberalism over conservatism; conservatism never struck a pose in this picture. Rather, it was a victory of one liberal faction over another liberal faction. Our president is not a conservative, nor are most of his supporters who were given a taste of the bootheel. Many of these incumbents ran as such, and the American people believed them, rewarding the firing of their hopes by electing them to public office. As a token of their gratitude, Republicans governed in a fashion nearly indistinguishable from Demonrats: colossal spending programs, the likes of which would give Scrooge McDuck a massive coronary; nothing but empty platitudes on abortion or "gay" marriage; a hearty "Hola, mi amigo!" to each wetback as he clambered out of the Rio Grande; and so on, ad nauseum.

One does not defeat the party of big government by becoming the party of bigger government. At least, not long-term. Citizens vote GOP because they don't like Demonrat governance. When the GOP acts like a Demonrat splinter group, all reason for voting GOP is obliterated. When the Republicans champion true conservatism or traditionalism--not the Bush charlatan variant--they win; but "out-Demonratting the Demonrats" is a tried and true recipe for abject failure. Why these simple truisms are not understood by more people in and out of politics is a mystery that would befuddle the Oracle of Delphi into catatonia.

The GOP lost this election for three simple reasons:

1. Many who once voted GOP voted Demonrat, this election cycle.

2. Many vertebrae in the party backbone (true conservatives) sat this one out and put their time to more productive use.

3. GOP apathy helped Demonrats galvanize their base; commies, infanticide cultists, vegan vegetables, Gaia worshipers, dopers, the pansy lobby, euthanasians, and enlightened atheists turned out to rock the vote.

Look at my home state of Tennessee. Harold Ford, Jr.--who is perhaps the biggest fraud ever to come swaggering down the pike--and Bob Corker ran as devout conservatives. In fact, Ford quoted the Bible and waxed eloquent on his "Christian" beliefs so often, he sounded more like a televangelist than a politician. Though Ford is to conservatism what Hillary is to human warmth, it's quite clear that these hucksters understand what the people of Tennessee want: conservatism. Otherwise, why the charade? The proposed amendment defining marriage as a union between a man and woman passed by 81% in favor. That's a pretty blatant statement of disdain for queenogamy. Every other state with a similar amendment proposal on its ballot passed it, with the exception of Arizona.

The point is that Americans align with conservative ideals much more so than liberal ones, in general. Conservatism--or even a harkening back to our Founders, which I prefer--is a winning strategy.

Sometime shortly after swine achieve flight, Muslims begin detonating boquets of flowers, and Bill Clinton takes a vow of celibacy, the GOP will have an epiphany and figure this out.

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