Monday, November 20, 2006

American Dystopia

Our Constitution's caliber
I cannot quantify;
But in D.C. it's all the rage,
And it comes in two-ply.

Our politicians on their thrones
Make use of it each day.
And when they finish up they flush
Our heritage away.

Nancy is a genie for some
liberal wish-fulfillin':
More nuptialed fruits, banning smokes, and
Lots of baby killin'.

Ms. Condi Rice assures us that
Jihadis love us all.
So shut your mouths, you dhimmi creeps
And just accept love's thrall.

The godless roll their eyes and smirk,
And all our truths deride;
But they steer clear of foxholes just
To be on the safe side.

Now Hillary is slithering
Right to the White House gate.
This ranks in horror just above
A global caliphate.

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