Saturday, October 14, 2006

"No Human Being Is Illegal"

Don't you love hearing this little phrase? Doesn't it pluck at your heartstrings and strum a sad refrain?

That's exactly what it's supposed to do. The illegal immigration lobby wants a gut emotional reaction from you, not studied intellectual consideration. The reason for this is simple: The instant that you give its words and views serious thought, their absurdity and destructive nature dawns on you. And they don't relish that idea. If you emote, on the other hand, then they have you right where they want you--in their pocket.

I raise the issue because it exemplifies the deceit utilized by those who would love nothing better than throwing wide the golden doors, erasing our borders, and inviting all and sundry into our nation, regardless their non-assimilation, or creeds anathema to everything the U.S. represents. Imagine Ellis Island swamped and sinking beneath the waves. You get the idea.

This phony statement reveals the mindset of these people, and its sinister implications:

1. It implies that American immigration laws are irrelevant and immoral. This poses a bizarre problem for open borders advocates, since every nation on Earth has its own unique immigration policies, most of which are far more stringent than those of the U.S. A nation cannot remain sovereign without controlling its borders.

2. It implies that those who want illegal immigration nipped in the bud are bigots or just unsympathetic, mean-spirited people. It suggests that the term "illegal alien" is a philosophical attack on a person's human worth, rather than an address of one's legal status.

Let me elaborate on this last. Only three possible statuses exist--citizen, legal alien, and illegal alien. Everything else falls into a subcategory under one of these three headings. Since an alien is a foreign non-citizen, then an illegal alien is a foreign non-citizen who came into the country outside legal channels--i.e., he snuck in. So when someone uses the term "illegal alien," it's a reference to the legality of his presence in this country, not a suggestion that his very existence is a violation of national law.

The use of this phrase is dishonest, an evasion of relevant points made by the opposition, emotion-invoking propaganda, and open derision of our morally justified laws. It's a lie, and it should face challenge every time some idiot raises it high on a sign.

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