Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Men in the Moon

Yesterday, a discussion began at Vox's on the missing Apollo program tapes. Some folks believe the moon landings are historical events. Others believe the whole setup was a sham. I'm one of the former, I'm afraid. I don't trust the government, as most of you probably have guessed, but after having looked at both sides of the issue, the only logical conclusion for me is accepting the lunar missions at face-value. The following is not meant as a comprehensive examination, just a few comments on the subject. I posted this at Vox's in the comments section:

For those who believe the moon landing is a hoax, I offer these morsels of food for thought:

1. The Apollo program consisted of six successful manned lunar landings, not just one. Each had its share of photos and video; so if these touchdowns were fakes, the wool was pulled over the public's eyes six times, over a period of three years.

2. Conspiracies appeal to the imagination, with all their attendant luridness. Add an imaginative brain to a healthy distrust of government, and sometimes conspiracy theories arise. I'm not saying that conspiracies don't happen, or that these theories shouldn't be taken into account. I'm suggesting that we take them with a grain of salt, and consider the appeal of sensationalism to the human mind.

3. Why read anything mysterious or exotic into NASA losing this lunar landing footage? It is the opinion of most who frequent this blog that the government is inept & botches almost everything it comes in contact with; is it really such a stretch that this archival footage would become misplaced?

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