Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hope Floats, But Morons Don't

An evangelist drowns while attempting a recreation of Jesus' walk on water:

Pastor Franck Kabele, 35, told his congregation he could repeat the biblical miracle, and he attempted it from a beach in Gabon's capital of Libreville.

"He told churchgoers he'd had a revelation that if he had enough faith, he could walk on water like Jesus," an eyewitness told the Glasgow Daily Record.

"He took his congregation to the beach saying he would walk across the Komo estuary, which takes 20 minutes by boat. He walked into the water, which soon passed over his head and he never came back."

My first thought was: "Oh, ye of little faith." How do his followers know he isn't stuck up to his knees in muck, valiantly attempting to extricate himself, this very minute?

Seriously, "God will not be mocked" comes to mind. I've learned two things from this story: 1. If faith buoys us, then his must've had a hole in it. 2. I don't think Jesus performs miracles as cheap parlor tricks.

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