Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Plague of Hitlers

We've all heard or read about comparisons between Hitler and contemporary madmen, such as Hussein, bin Laden, etc. Many scoff at similarities and roll their eyes at such notions. Silly sounding or not, I believe merit lies in this claim.

Hitler was evil and on a power trip, and he loathed the Jews. Exactly how are the "Palestinians" or bin Laden different, in that regard? Or Hezbollah? Put another way, if the "Palestinians" had the power to kill every Jewish man, woman, and child in Israel, would they do so, or hold their heads high, and say "We are above such wanton murder."

I don't think so. They do not because they cannot. Not because they are less evil or disinclined toward subjugating certain peoples. If Hussein had harbored a modern equivalent to Hitler's war machine, the first Gulf War might've dragged on far longer, with much more dire consequences.

Can anyone deny that Saddam Hussein is one of the most evil men who ever lived? Dictators and terrorists such as these are moral first cousins of Hitler and share his absolute and unreasoning revulsion toward the Jews. What they lack is the Nazi leader's hypnotic charisma, his cunning and intelligence, and his country's brute capabilities in waging war.

Thank God, sometimes evil is hindered by its own weaknesses, not by less venom in its delusions of grandeur.

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