Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Anything for Good PR

Why is Condoleewza Rice giving this Holocaust-denying, terrorist-loving lowlife the time of day?

Fatah is a terrorist organization. The "Palestinian" Authority is a terrorist group. Calling Abbas a terrrorist-sympathizer is a generous appellation.

Treating those who gleefully murder innocent men, women, and children like statesmen is part of the West's problem in dealing with the Middle East. To wit, burying one's head in the sand as a nuclear bomb falls from above. Clintwit revelled in this sort of moral equivocation, and the Bush Administration is following suit, yet again, by sending Cowabungaleeza Rice as an envoy to Abbas. Diplomacy with this ilk is worse than useless. It gives stature to those who deserve nothing more than a shallow grave in the local landfill. How does one engage in productive peace negotiations with people whose entire lives revolve around the eradication of Israel?

This waste of time scores no points for us in Europe, earns further disgust at our gullibility from the Islamic world, accomplishes zilch on Israel's behalf, and has less chance of success than coaxing Christina Stripmebarea into a nunnery--so why go through the motions? It's like playing charades with people who caress their AK-47s, watching you pantomime imbecilic gestures as they wait for your grand finale so they can blow your head off.

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