Sunday, September 25, 2005

Racist Gringos

Apparently, abiding by the laws of this country is racism:

A 3-year-old policy by Greyhound Lines Inc. warning employees that they could be arrested or fired for selling bus tickets to anyone they know or believe is an undocumented immigrant is discriminatory and invites racial profiling, several local and national Latino advocacy groups say.

Here's the quote that busts the pinata:

"The whole policy screams out discrimination," said John TrasviƱa, senior vice president for law and policy at the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund. "It puts a lot of pressure on employees to go overboard and exclude undocumented immigrants when there is no legal reason to do so."

Huh? Have you eaten one-too-many tequila worms? The legal reason is that illegal immigration is--according to my dictionary's definition of the term--well, illegal, dummy!

The company transports 22 million passengers a year. It has denied tickets only a few times.

The policy was revised in 2002 after Golden State Transportation was indicted on charges of conspiring with smugglers to illegally transport thousands of undocumented immigrants to destinations throughout the country, including Arizona. The company was fined $3 million in 2004. The company was operated by a subsidiary of Greyhound.

The company says undocumented immigrants are recognizable by certain characteristics: large groups of people traveling together, led by a "guide, and guides holding tickets without giving them to passengers."

I believe many of these pro-Mexican and pro-immigrant organizations are actively engaging in subversion of the law and attempting a sea-change in the culture, an incremental drift toward something other than the American ideal. Think I'm delusional? Then ask yourself these questions: Why aren't such organizations spending their considerable bankrolls and time fighting illegal immigration and lauding and encouraging legal immigration. Why are they making concentrated efforts at working against assimilation, through methods such as bilingual education and constant accusations of racism?

It is this slow transformation in the culture over decades that I fear far more than any terrorist group, like Al Killya. This coupled with an abysmal "education" system mass produces a populace full of those who have no loyalty to the American concept--no idea what it means, and no desire to learn it.

Where do we go from there, I wonder?

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