Tuesday, September 7, 2004


Here's an amazing story, about a possible miracle.

It seemed at first that Alice Mowatt didn't have a prayer of a chance of surviving being struck by a car on a busy Hollywood street.

Authorities listed her as a probable fatality when the teenage British tourist was rushed to the hospital with severe head injuries.

But an hour later there was one prayer. And soon after that there were thousands.

As doctors struggled to save Mowatt, the Los Angeles police sergeant assigned to investigate the crash was so moved that he stepped out of the emergency room and launched an international prayer circle on her behalf.

I believe in miracles, personally. I believe in those that the Bible describes, and I believe that they still occur, today, albeit with more subtlety.

What do you think about miracles? If you've ever experienced one--or know someone who has --I'd enjoy hearing about it.

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