Sunday, September 12, 2004

Great Literature

In honor of the new public school year that recently began--and as a supplement for my post of September 10, I'm offering this poem, written a while back. I typed it in the comments section of Vox's blog, a couple of months ago; but for those of you who missed it, here it is:

Skewl Daze

Skewl daze, skewl daze
Shun the Golden Rule-daze.
Readin', 'ritin', an' 'rithmatic--
Tryin' ta spell 'em makes me sick.
Read me some Seuss like The Cat in the Hat.
Someday I'll say: "Ma'am, want fries with that?"
See Dick run and see Jane run
Behind the bleachers for some fun.
Hey, wait! I think she has a gun!
Dem ol' skewl daze.

Skewl daze, skewl daze
Spent in a drug-induced haze.
Roll a joint using my homework.
2 + 2 drives me quite berserk.
Quote me some Shakespeare; it's all Greek ta me.
Won't have no trouble catchin' VD.
Nothin' at all 'tween my ears.
Stayed in the ninth grade years and years.
Politics makes a great career.
Dem ol' skewl daze.

The End

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