Monday, September 6, 2004

Back in Action

I'm back, with a nice, crispy sunburn. If you've ever seen a lobster after it comes out of the boiler, you know how I look, right now. Even my scalp is sunburned, under my hair. Yowch.

I had fun--sleeping in a tent, no electricity, no tv, no radio. My wife and siblings, and their children, and my mother and stepfather all went. We played horseshoes, shuffleboard, miniature golf, went swimming in the lake, and just generally had a good time goofing off. We picked a lovely camping spot, under some trees with low-hanging branches. Sitting in a chair under those trees early in the morning was heavenly, with the breeze blowing through the leaves and making a soft sighing sound. I find contentment in the little things.

Last, but not least, we had the sunburn grill-a-thon, which I won hands down, as I'm sure you've guessed. But a coupla others came close in the running, I assure you. The contest prize was lots of pain, peeling skin, and a week's supply of aloe.

Life is good. I hope all of you had a great weekend.

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