Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Gay and Fancy-Free

While reading this story, I thought I'd choke to death on my own tongue with the violence of my guffaws.

It seems a homosexual lawyer finds the designation "homosexual" offensive. He insists on being called a "gay" man.

Attorney John Rawls insisted he was not a homosexual, but, rather, a "gay" man.

In a hearing Friday before Louisiana District Judge Mike Caldwell, Rawls, according to published reports, lost his temper, his face turned red, and he lunged at the attorney defending traditional heterosexual marriage.

"No one calls me the H-word," Rawls said in defense of his outburst.

Besides the obvious chuckle-value of such moronics, this event demonstrates the continued devaluation of language, and the way the secular humanist world continues to negate or twist the meaning of words, while inventing catch-phrases and absurd misnomers in describing themselves and their lifestyles.

Why does he wanna be called "Gay?" His chipper personality? His sunny disposition?

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