Monday, August 23, 2004

Don't Rock "The System"

What a joke this is.

The Bush Administration has now come out in condemnation of "outside groups" attacking both himself and Kerry.

President Bush denounced TV ads by outside groups attacking both John Kerry and himself on Monday and called for a halt to all such political efforts. "I think they're bad for the system," he said.

What "system" would that be, Mr. President? The system of truth? The system of making sure that voters actually are well-informed about the candidates they may give support at the ballot box? What are you talking about? And what do you mean by "outside?" Remember the First Amendment? If a citizen wants to make known his opinion on a political candidate, he should be allowed to do so, unimpeded. This reeks of elitist arrogance.

If the SWIFTboat ad is truthful, I see it as imperative to let it run, in the interests of full-disclosure of Kerry's strange lies. He lied about Vietnam in the past, and he's lying, now. Is this not relevant to the current campaign?

Personally, I think Bush has his own interests at heart. Perhaps he thinks that if he condemns such ads, then Kerry will have a change of heart and tell all his yes-men to stop airing their smear-ads on Bush. The problem with this assessment is that Kerry first would need character, honesty, and decency--and he is a stranger to those virtues.

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