Wednesday, August 4, 2004

Bush: Mixed Messages on the IRS

Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert has a new book out, in which he calls for the abolition of the IRS. Now, I'm all for this, and I salute Mr. Hastert for his view. But in his book, he assures his readers that he has had conversations with Mr. Bush, and that the President agrees with him, yet he probably won't address the issue in his campaign.

"I think he's on board on the litigation issue and the regulation issue," he said. As for the tax proposals, however, Hastert said, "I think that's a piece they don't want to bite off in the campaign. They have other things they want to talk about."

I have one simple question: If Mr. Bush also wants to be rid of the IRS, and he intends to address this in a second term, then why would he not mention this in his campaign?

His behavior only makes sense if he has absolutely no intention of addressing the issue--in his campaign, or in a second term.

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