Thursday, July 1, 2004

Horatio Hornblower: My Review

Recently, I reviewed Master and Commander. I was informed summarily that this movie is not the equal of the Hornblower movies. Eager to test this hypothesis, I rented and watched the first three films. My conclusion? My advisors were correct.

If you love historical dramas or swashbuckling action flicks, these are for you. If you like witty dialogue and rapier-keen repartee, these are for you. If you like intricate plots and good acting, these are for you. If you like movies that accurately portray life at sea, these are for you. If you like Errol Flynn's filmography, these are for you.

Amazingly, these made-for-cable-television films have much more complex storylines than Russell Crowe's movie. The characterizations are better, as well, and much more detailed. The acting equals that of Master and Commander. In fact, Crowe's film trumps the Hornblower saga in only two ways: its musical score, and the special effects. And even these are well-done for the purposes of Hornblower's exploits.

All in all, a wonderful series that I intend to delve into further. Click here to learn more.What're you waiting for?! Don't take my word for it! Go see for yourself!


Anonymous said...


I’m glad you enjoyed them buddy. It amazes me that the smaller production companies come out with better movies in terms of story, plot and overall cinematography than the big Hollywood studios.

You’re right on original musical scores and of course, the big studios have larger budgets for special effects. I don’t think in terms of overall movie making that the established Hollywood studios have the edge they once did. Of course I can think of exceptions to this but the really good movies that we are getting today are increasing the result of a small handful of talented producers, not all of which work with the established studios.

Good observation on the classic Errol Flynn connection in terms of style.

Res Ipsa

Wes said...

Res Ipsa:

Good to hear from you. I agree wholeheartedly.