Thursday, July 15, 2004

Dinosaurs and the Bible

This is a tricky subject, but I'd like to explain my view. Many people find necessary an acceptance of evolutionary thinking, which in turn influences their view of the Bible and its teachings. One reason for this is the saturation of evolutionist thought in our society.

However, my personal take is a biblical one. I do not subscribe to the Theory of Evolution (that's right folks--it's a theory, not a proven fact), theistic evolution, or the Gap Theory of biblical teaching. These latter two incorporate evolutionary explanations into their worldviews.

But what, you may ask, does this have to do with dinosaurs? Well, I've digressed enough. I've harbored the belief for years that dinosaurs, like any other animal, were created by God during the sixth day of creation--with all other land animals, and Mankind. After Adam and Eve's expulsion from the Garden of Eden, the world began running down and falling apart. Later, Man's iniquities grieved God so much that He pondered their destruction, and carried it out in the Great Deluge.

Prior to the expulsion from Eden, dinosaurs lived in harmony with humans. Afterward, this coexistence ended. At the Flood, all the dinosaurs not represented in the ark's occupants perished. That's right! I believe dinosaurs made it onto the ark! And why not? Nothing in scripture leads me to believe otherwise.

The Post-Flood era becomes more tricky. What became of dinosaurs? No one knows for sure, though many plausible theories abound. Perhaps climatological changes did them in (i.e., the Ice Age). Perhaps they simply died out over a long period of time, as many species do. We have concrete evidence that many animals become extinct, for a variety of reasons. And we do live in a fallen world, after all. So I believe dinosaurs shared the planet with Man, at one time.

Why am I convinced? Because Genesis teaches that death came into the world in a curse from God, as a direct result of Man's sin and rebellion. Man came first, then sin, then death. But evolutionists teach that dinosaurs lived, breathed, and died tens of millions of years before the first human appeared on earth via evolutionary processes--that death always has been a part of nature. This is in stark contradiction to the Bible.

So, you may accept Genesis and reject evolution; or you may accept evolution and reject Genesis. But the two conflict, so you cannot accept both. Our Lord didn't leave us that option.

(More to come on this topic, later)


Erik said...

I agree with ya. Check out Job 40 and 41 without reading the useless study notes on those two chapters. Decide what the creature is then go ahead and read the notes (if ya have em)

And as for dinos dying out, I can imagine that humans would have hunted them for food or simply to kill something that would eat mass crops/cattle and was a danger simply by its size alone.

Wes said...

Excellent points, Erik. I agree. Nice to hear from you. :-)