Saturday, July 3, 2004

Country Boys (God Bless 'Em)

Nearly half of all the lives extinguished in combat come from rural areas, according to this story.

I don't find this hard to believe, since I think patriotism tends to burn stronger in rural areas, or the South. Living away from cities, in less confined area, gives one time for reflection upon what it means to be an American citizen, and how we won all the freedoms we possess. Ours is a flawed country, but we'll not find improvement, elsewhere.

I'm sure liberals read this story in horror, stunned that so many poor, country folks are going off to war. We must bring back the draft!, they say. We must have equality in the ranks. Whatta loada hooey! I'll just quietly remind them that our military is all-volunteer. Naturally, those volunteering will come from areas culturally in-step with the defense of our great nation. We don' neeed no steeenkeeen draft!

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