Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Sudan and Genocide

Regarding the situation in Sudan, WorldNetDaily gives this bleak description:

The conflict between mainly black rebels in Western Sudan and government-backed Arab militiamen has led to the deaths of thousands and the displacement of as many as 1 million people in what human rights groups are calling "ethnic cleansing."

Sudan's cleric-backed National Islamic Front regime in the Arab and Muslim north declared a jihad on the south in 1989. Since 1983, an estimated 2 million people have died from war and related famine. About 5 million have become refugees.

This is one of the most important events of our time; and one of the saddest. This largely is a war waged against people for their Christian beliefs. It it not uncommon for those who refuse conversion into Islam through intimidation to be burned alive on huge pyres by the Sudanese Muslims. And of course the mighty U.N., spreader of world peace and enlightenment, has done next to nothing to stop this horror. But they are very concerned about our expenditures of oil revenues in Iraq. Interesting where their priorities lie, no?

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