Saturday, June 19, 2004

Interesting Historical Fact

On occasion, I'll post on what I consider fascinating, humorous, or just plain bizarre events of history.

During the Third Crusade, Richard the Lionheart's naval fleet fell prey to a vicious storm. A few vessels, including a treasure ship, became shipwrecked on the coast of Cyprus.

Isaac Comnenus, a Byzantine rebel who ruled the island at the time, heard the news and looted the treasure, imprisoning some of the survivors.

When Richard arrived, he demanded the return of all his monies, supplies, and prisoners. Isaac refused, and prepared to wage battle for his prize.

The King of England gave him his heart's desire, attacking the island. When Isaac's men witnessed the ferocity of Coeur de Leon's men, they broke and fled. Without much in the way of resistance, Richard quickly captured the whole island.

In May 1191, Isaac surrendered, on the condition that he not be clapped in irons.

Richard granted his wish...

and placed him in shackles of silver.

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Erik said...

Right on. I guess the poor guy was allergic to iron or something...