Thursday, June 17, 2004

Californy's Slidin' into the Ocean

In a letter to WorldNetDaily, Paul Wade writes:

"California, as a whole, has changed. I was stationed at the Naval base in Monterey in the mid '50s. A friend and I used to go into the hills looking for uranium. Back then, the government wanted it. You didn't go into the hills unarmed.

If we ran out of money and went to a nearby village, we would just walk into a bank and ask to cash a check. Heck, we had a revolver strapped to our hip and a rifle hanging on our shoulder. A question was never asked if we had illegal intentions.

If we wanted to go ping with our guns, we would just go out to the beach and shoot into the ocean. We were never questioned what we were doing.

I would hate to try those activities out there now."

Our country sure ain't what she used to be. The irony here is that back in the gun-totin' days, the crime rate was lower, even accounting for population growth.

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